What is happening to my body??? | Day 27 of 90

September 12, 2019 | More from asana

What is happening to my body??? | Day 27 of 90

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Yesterday something crazy happened. After going for my 3 mile morning run, I took off my shirt to get in the shower, but when I took a glance at my reflection in the mirror I gasped.

“Wait, what IS that???” I thought.

Lo and behold – I saw some faint lines on my stomach.

You guys. This is a BIG DEAL to me.

The last time I had any sort of line on my stomach was when I was crazy restricting, eating 1000 calories a day and working out 4 hours a day. Even though I was under the guidance of a coach, the way I cut down for my bikini competition was unhealthy and left me in a state of disaster – physically and mentally. I was the leanest I had ever been, but so incredibly unhappy and unsatisfied.

Here I am, only 4 weeks into my 90 day journey, NOT starving, NOT counting calories, only working out for 1 hr a day, and mentally and creatively THRIVING in my work and my personal happiness. It is insane. To see that what I am doing is actually working is crazy to me. Because nothing has been working for me. I work out a lot and I eat pretty healthy normally, but my body is immune to it all.

It is miraculous what FOCUS can do for you. Writing down everything in my Fit Journal daily, writing to you here on the blog, working out daily, cooking my food – the whole thing has become my happiness ritual. I am loving every moment of this journey so far and I just am SHOCKED by what has happened. I really can’t believe it. I really think being kept accountable by all of you is what is really make it work this time (so far)!

I’d like to reiterate that this journey is not one about abs or vanity. My “why” is not about that. My “why” is to get in the best shape of my life physically and mentally. This focus has my soul LIT from inside.


Oh and since I’ve been running a lot more than usual, I wanted to share with you what I am using for runs. These are my fave shorts for running.

These are the Secret Run Shorts from POPFLEX. I like them because it’s looks like a basic running short from the outside but it has booty shorts inside…with POCKETS! I put my phone there so I can listen to my audiobooks 🙂

Because I have unusually tiny earholes, I can’t wear earbuds without having to push them into my ears every 5 seconds. So, when Sam saw that I was getting serious about running on my 90 day journey, he surprised me with these beautiful wireless headphones! The sound quality is great, they don’t slip off, and the leather that caresses my ear feels so soft. It feels like the same quality as my Beats, but way better price point!

I started off running in my Nikes but they made my achilles heel feel too stretched out. It was weird. Then I remembered that my running friends only wore Asics, so I put mine on for a try and it made SUCH a difference! These are the Asics Gel Kayano 26.

I also wear my POPFLEX socks when I run. I am so glad we made a weekly pack, because I kept waiting an entire week until I could wear my avocado or carb socks again! There are 5 new designs now. This one is one of my faves because it features house plants!!! And the bottom of the sole says “plant lady” because I totally am one 😛

After I showered, I microwaved some egg cups (from Costco) and ate them in the car! Sam and I shared. By the way, I have mastered the art of feeding Sam while he drives. Anyone else do this too!?

For lunch, I made Caesar salad! OMG, it was DELISH. I can’t believe I haven’t eaten Caesar salad for so long! I put rotisserie chicken, cherry tomatoes, cheese, and bacon over the romaine lettuce. I also made Sam a Caesar salad too and he LOVED it! So filling and so good.

Snack time – chili roasted pistachios! By the way guys, I want you to know that I usually eat more chili roasted pistachios than I show in these pics. I just take the first pic of the first time I eat them because I don’t want to bore you with a billion pics of pistachios in my blog posts.

Snack time again – bacon with sweet baby bell peppers. This combo was LEGIT!!! Also I ended up making myself a second plate. I say this because I saw that some of you were concerned that I was starving myself. Guys, I promise you – I am very full and very happy. My Fit Journal says what I am eating and these pics are merely to give you an idea of what I’m having, not the exact quantity.

Now…Dinner time!!!

Sam and I went out with a couple friends to try out a new restaurant called Fin in the Larchmont area, one of my fave walking areas in LA. We had never been to Fin but judging from Yelp photos, it looked like a place that would be keto friendly! For appetizers, we ordered these eggplants. OMG. They were SPECTACULAR. Dead.

Then shishito peppers. Cuz obvs. I’m obsessed.

Whenever there’s green beans on the menu, I order them. It’s like a natural reflex or something.

Same with brussel sprouts! I have this thing where I just NEED to know how the brussels taste at every restaurant I go to. These ones were okay.

The beef carpaccio with mushrooms on top. AHHHH this was one of my fave appetizers. Absolutely delicious! Soft meats with crunchy mushrooms on top. Perfection.

The filet wrapped asparagus. YUM AGAIN. I felt so happy because it’s scary when you’re picking a restaurant you’ve never tried before, but wow – I was honestly super impressed before I got my main dish.

And for my main meal, I got salmon over veggies with a butter sauce. UMM. This was SOOOOOO good. I need to figure out how to make this sauce!!!

There you go guys! 2 more days until my weigh in. So far I’ve already got some good progress this week – which is super cool! Yay, gotta keep it up. Hope you had a good time drooling over the deliciousness in this post!

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