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Thanksgiving is a special time at the United States If we Collect our Nearest and Dearest and celebrate the abundance of Collapse Using a rich palette of traditional foods.  

However a new study suggests that the 6-week holiday interval that crosses Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve accounts for the Majority of our Nation’s weight issue (1).   Knowing this simple fact, and why it occurs, provides us mighty insights to why we gain weight, and what to consider it.

Elina Helandera postdoctoral researcher in Tampere University of Technology in Finland, along with her colleagues set out to answer a straightforward question: how does a person’s body weight change over the course of this year?   To Discover, they used internet-connected scales to collect daily body fat data from nearly 3,000 volunteers from the USA, Germany, and Japan.   After crunching the information, a striking pattern emerged: regardless of what you celebrate, in any time of year, the holidays are likely to be your period of maximum weight gain.

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