Stretching myself too thin… | 54 of 90

October 11, 2019 | More from asana

Stretching myself too thin… | 54 of 90

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This week I am beginning to feel like I am stretched too thin.

Too many projects going on, can’t find the right people to help expand the team, so I’m taking on a lot myself, and here I am staying up past 12 AM every night again when my #1 vow was to go to bed earlier and make sleep a priority. Clearly, I am not respecting my goals. And you know what? I know what the problem is. It’s me. I knowingly am doing this to myself.

Here are the issues…

I like having a bunch of projects going on at once.

I like being ridiculously productive.

I like not just achieving goals, but surpassing them.

Like I’ve said before, I link my self worth to my success. It’s something that has been ingrained in me since childhood. I’ve been taught that “okay” is absolutely not acceptable, and that if you’re not being challenged, then you could be doing so much more.

It’s like I live in this constant state of “how-can-you-keep-pushing-myself-more-than-you-did-last-time?” It’s good, but it’s terrible all at once! I never get a break because I don’t let myself have a break. I need to find a way to slow down…except…ugh…I don’t know how!

Anyway, I gotta get through this week. Gotta make it to the end of Friday for our big shoot, and then I will breathe a little this weekend. Except…now I need to handmake the family costumes for a Halloween party next Friday. You see what I mean? Coulda just bought a costume, but no. I decided to hand sew family costumes. WHY. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF!!????

On a separate note, I went to the clinic today and got all results back from my blood tests. There is A LOT to go through and I have a ton of reading material to go through before I will blog about this. I might just tackle one test result in one blog post, so we can spread this out.

Did I find some surprising things? Yes. Did I find some things I knew already? Yes. I am happy to say that there are areas where I can make some immediate improvements in my health. I’ll keep you posted on what those are in the upcoming blog posts! Excited to share everything with you guys!

Yesterday’s Recap:

My Fit Journal entry. I’ve been trying to sleep in more, so now I am doing my workouts after work. I don’t really like doing that – but I’m trying to prioritize sleep so that’s the trade off for now, until I find a way to get to bed earlier.


100% carbs, 0% fat, 0% protein

80 calories

When we got into work, the team gave me and Sam some roses to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!!! It was so sweet!!! The roses were chosen to match the color of our wedding flowers!


25% carbs, 53% fat, 22% protein

730 calories

For lunch, I had my fave ahi tuna salad from Tender Greens! I literally order the same thing every single time. Anyone else have a “staple” at a particular restaurant that they never change?

Post lunch I had some strawberries that were disappointingly bland. It’s almost as if we are out of berry season or something because all of my berries lately have seen sub par!!! Except…I just looked up berry season timelines and raspberries and strawberries are supposed to be good until the end of fall…soooooo not sure what’s up.


24% carbs, 45% fat, 31% protein

571 calories

We ate dinner at the office because life was cray, but we treated ourselves to some poke! YUM! I got a poke salad with salon and albacore! I also added some tamago or “sweet egg” along with edamame, serrano peppers, onions, and sprouts on top of my spring greens. On top, I got spicy mayo and house sauce. DELISH!


9% carbs, 56% fat, 35% protein

110 calories

Post din, I made myself a cup of hot coconut milk mixed with collagen matcha powder at home. Good news is that it tasted amazing, bad news is that I am officially 100% out of my favorite collagen matcha drink mix…and this was the last drink of all time.

SO SAD!!!!!

Anyway, I came in at 27% carbs (100g), 48% fat carbs (79g), and 25% protein (94g protein) and 1,491 calories.

Okay. I am literally falling asleep right now. Gotta go take a shower and brush my teeth. SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!

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