Sneak peek for something you’re not expecting | Day 24 of 90

September 12, 2019 | More from asana

Sneak peek for something you’re not expecting | Day 24 of 90

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Just gonna put this right here.

I’m releasing a video next Sunday that will explain everything about this photo. But this is all I am going to give you right now.

Any predictions on how this one is gonna play out?


Progress continues! As you can see in my Fit Journal, I’ve actually begun to take out dairy for the weekend and after analyzing – it seems that the cheese may have been one of the root causes of my stagnation and bloatation. My stomach feels so much better! I don’t crave dairy anyway, so I don’t feel like I even had to make a sacrifice.

I went to a 7am circuit training class so I could make it in time for my 10:30am interview with Hey B*tch Podcast! The girls invited me on to talk about my 90 day journey and we got super raw. I held nothing back. We talked about all the controversy that’s been surrounding this whole thing. It was a great conversation and we covered BOTH SIDES in depth. The episode will be out in a couple weeks!

If you look back to day 1 and read the title of my first post, it was titled “Doing this for myself“. I force myself to remember anytime I feel misjudged by others for my decisions. The reminder keeps me going strong.

I am so proud of myself for continuing to do things that make me more authentically me, in the face of continual backlash. I set out to get in the best shape of my life and I will not let anyone deter me from achieving that.

I AM going to improve my mental health.

I AM going to improve my physical health.

And you know what? This focus has me THRIVING on a new level. I feel so much more happy and so much more confident than I did just 3 weeks ago. You guys – this whole 90 day journey thing – it’s actually working 😉

Anyway, for breakfast I had chili roasted pistachios and matcha collagen water. I’m kinda addicted to these nuts. They are so good.

For lunch, I made a version of what I made yesterday! Cauliflower rice, sauteéd mushrooms, a soft boiled egg, avocado, fresh cherry tomatoes, and a side of left over shishito peppers. Oh and of course the sriracha drizzle. I actually ended up drizzling like 3x more on there throughout the meal 🙂

For din, I basically had the same thing.

For post din fun – Sam and I wanted to go out and get drinks! Now, when I say drinks, I mean boba. Or matcha milkshakes. (I don’t drink alcohol – I’m basically allergic. It tastes like rubbing alcohol to me and I my skins turns bright red everywhere.)

Sam got a matcha kit kat milkshake with boba and I got unsweetened green tea!

I really thought that the unsweetened green tea would taste fine, but actually it was SOOOOOOO bitter! I couldn’t drink it. I had to go home and add some monk fruit sweetener, and even then it still was too bitter for me. I ended up adding some unsweetened almond milk to to it, and it tasted a lot better! I think I’ll just make this at home for myself. So much easier and cheaper. Unfortunately, Sam didn’t love his either. He thought it was too sweet and the mix of matcha and chocolate wasn’t the best combo. We’ll try again next time!

Oh and yeah, I had more chili roasted pistachios 😛

Have a great rest of your weekend guys! Time to go spend some time with Sam and George!

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