I tried freezing myself to…burn calories? | Day 26 of 90

September 11, 2019 | More from asana

I tried freezing myself to…burn calories? | Day 26 of 90

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Yesterday was the day!

I went in to get my blood drawn for 4 different tests. I was so scared you guys. I started crying when the nurse put the needle in my arm. And the worst part – the needle wasn’t working so she had to do it TWICE!!!!

Because I was getting 4 tests done, they needed to draw a lot of blood. And I mean, A LOT.

OMG that picture makes me queasy. But it’s ok, cuz it’s for science! Once again, this 90 day journey is about me doing things that SCARE ME, so mission def accomplished with this appointment! 😉

I had been doing a lot of research about what tests I needed to get done in order to better understand my body. I used to think weight loss was all about creating a calorie deficit but what I am learning now is that a calorie is not a calorie is not a calorie. And that the way calories work in people’s bodies is totally different based on who you are and your genetic makeup. So, these are the tests I ended up getting:

#1. Baseline Test

This test is my basic blood test which will give me info on complete blood count, testosterone levels, lipid panel, metabolic panel etc. The last time I did this was several years ago, so I am curious how my health will compare.

#2. Food Sensitivity Test

I want to know once and for all what my undetected food sensitivities are. There could be foods that I am eating that are not optimal for my digestive system, my mood, and my overall body composition. For example, I’m curious if I should be consuming gluten or not. I know that when I eat it, I bloat and my belly feels super tense and uncomfortable. So I’d love to officially confirm if I should be gluten free, with medical reasoning and scientific backing.

#3. Micronutrient Test

Currently, the only supplement I am taking is collagen for my hair, skin, and nails. Once in a while, I’ll take protein powder. But I don’t take supplements at all because I think I’m getting everything I need from my food. But I do wonder…is there something I could be taking make my body run more efficiently and effortlessly? Am I deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral?

#4. Genetic Fit Test

Every body is different. That is why what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. I want to know how my body uniquely metabolizes fat, sugars, nutrients, and vitamins. I’m supposed to learn what workouts are best for my body type.

I hope all of these tests are reliable and that they will give me solid data on the current state of my health. I bought a pretty expensive package (kind of embarrassed to say!!!) from Next | Health in West Hollywood, and I am praying that the tests come back telling me something I DON’T know. I will be sad if I paid a ton of money to learn what I already knew about my body.

Oh well, I guess you don’t know until you try! And honestly, I would much rather spend my money on things like this over buying designer handbags and shoes. It just doesn’t excite me as much as this kinda stuff. I just hope I didn’t completely waste my money. There’s a skeptical part of me that thinks I’m gonna get a report back that is kinda detailed but not really detailed, kinda like an aura reading or zodiac horoscope.

Anyway, after the blood draw, the staff offered me a free cryotherapy session and I was like sure WHY NOT.

According to the Next | Health site, cryo “involves exposing your body to an extreme cold environment of less than -150°F. This intense cooling induces a number of incredible physiological changes in the body. Initially, as the blood vessels constrict, blood moves away from the limbs and toward the vital organs. This is a protective and natural measure the body takes in response to the extreme cold. During this process, several systems within the body are triggered and the benefits begin. The immune system powerfully increases white blood cell count, the circulatory system reacts to increase its productivity, and inflammation is significantly reduced. In addition, the endocrine system jumps into action to release endorphin and norepinephrine that inflate “feel good” hormones in the blood stream. Blood sample studies have shown a reduction in cortisol and an increase in testosterone and DHEA.”

On Forbes, a consumer tech reporter explained that “When one is exposed to extreme cold, it is activated and helps to burn regular white fat cells on your hips, stomach, legs, and so on, in order to generate heat. Consistent exposure to cold increases the amount of brown fat an individual has.”

So, do we want brown fat? Apparently yes according to The Journal of Clinical Investigation. “Researchers say that mildly cold indoor air appears to activate the body’s stores of brown fat, which, unlike most fat, burns lots of calories.”

I stripped down to my undies and put on socks, mittens, a face mask, slippers, and a towel wrap and stepped into a super cold freezer for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. They asked if I wanted to do 2:30 since it was my first time but I was like NAH – LET’S GO ALL IN.

As soon as my skin felt air inside the freezer, I yelled “OMG IT’S SO COLD!!!!!” Then they closed the door. I had headphones on and asked to listed to T-Swift for my time inside. You guys. I was so cold my skin started hurting! I didn’t know how to pass the time so I started stretching and breathing slowly. I kept thinking about how if I ever put George in here it would definitely qualify as animal abuse. LOL.

When I got to 2:30 I was like okay, only 1 more minute. You can do anything for 1 minute!!!

I stretched my hamstrings, closed, my eyes, breathed deeply, and before I knew it – the attendants opened the door for me and I stepped outside dramatically exclaiming how cold I was. Hahahaha. They must be used to this.

Anyway, after I finished that sesh, I paid, and met Sam and George outside! They had been waiting for me the whole time so they could drive me to the office. Sam was afraid the blood draw might make me weak but I was ok!

As soon as I got in the car, I ate some chili roasted pistachios. No, not the whole bag guys. This bag is supposed to last me a week or so at the office for snack time!

Oh and I don’t think the cryo really did anything for me. I just felt better once I melted back to normal temperatures.

For lunch, I made zoodles for both me and Sam! Here we’ve got zoodles with paleo sausage, cherry tomatoes, and alfredo sauce. I put all the ingredients in the tupperware the night before, 100% raw and uncooked. Then when I got it out for lunch, I just microwaved it for a few minutes and everything tasted GREAT! I wasn’t sure about microwaving zoodles and tomatoes, but it worked out beautifully!

As an afternoon snack, I tried this “Cocoyo” kombucha yogurt that I bought from Whole Foods for…$5.99. I know, I know. SO EXPENSIVE! But cute glass jar packaging got me and so did the nutrition label on the back!

Only 4g net carbs and the only ingredients are basically coconut and raspberry! So…how did it taste???

At first the taste was a bit confusing. It really did taste like kombucha yogurt. So like, kinda fermented and kinda sweet and kinda creamy? A few minutes in, I started enjoying it and digging the unique flavor. Now it’s def not like real yogurt level but it’s still pretty good and makes for a lovely afternoon snack!

Yesterday we also had a POPFLEX fitting! This is me trying on the small and Misty trying on the 1X! She is our plus size fit model and has been with us for years now! Can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for you guys!

For dinner, I made these super cute hors d’oeuvres! It’s a cucumber with cream cheese and lox on top! They were absolutely DIVINE!!!

After dinner, I mixed some collagen matcha in with my almond milk. Sorry for the weird green everywhere. I should have mixed the collagen in BEFORE I added all the ice. Either way, it was delish and I kinda enjoy the matcha chunks.

Here is my Fit Journal entry. Feeling good. Weight, body fat, and muscle mass are looking good and trending in the right direction.

There you have it! My test results come back in about a month so I will have an update for you then! I have a 2 hour appointment to sit down with the doctor to go over every single specific detail of my health. I’m really curious to see what the results will be.

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