I thought I would share a snippet from my book with you all. “ I have always com…

I thought I would share a snippet from my book with you all. “ I have always com...


I thought I would share a snippet from my book with you all. “ I have always come back to yoga throughout the years, through M.E. Relapses, broken hearts, a dislocated knee, pregnancy, operations and single motherhood as I know it works for me. Though I wouldn’t call it real yoga in the beginning, more like musical statues, without the music…or dancing. Just lying there in a pose while reading, watching tv, colouring or mainly snoozing.
Now fast forward about 15 years and I still suffer from M.E. And I still use yoga to help with muscle pains in my body. I still lie on my bed holding poses. This time, holding them as I nose through my smartphone, messages or type this book.
This is how Yoga, My Bed & M.E. Started I always had half a book written about my story, it soon became clear my path was to help other M.E. Warriors.
I made a promise to myself to finish this book and reach out to the many people who need a caring hand throughout their battle with the illness.
To this day, I’m still learning and facing new challenges. M.E. Is now my business partner, it is also my guide to health and happiness, despite its horrid ways. It tells me when enough is enough, it brings me back to myself and my roots and to notice the beauty and what’s going on around me”. Pic by @nailcandybylucy 💕

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  1. Beautifully said and very inspiring! I have already bought one copy for my 25 year old daughter, who is also an ME warrior and am about to order another one for myself. I hope you can keep up your inspirational work for others while still being able to rest enough so you have a chance at recovery or at least getting better. Sending lots of good energy!

  2. I love that last paragraph! It’s taken me 12 years but I’m realising ME is my teacher, teaching me how my body needs to be treated and what’s important in life. ♥️

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