I deserve me. | Day 25 of 90

September 10, 2019 | More from asana

I deserve me. | Day 25 of 90

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Every night I go to bed feeling exhausted, but whole. Every morning I wake up feeling like I have a purpose to fulfill. Everyday since the beginning of this 90 day journey, I have felt more ALIVE than ever.

It’s the start of my fourth week and I feel like it’s been FLYING by. I don’t dread any of my workouts. In fact, I look forward to each one of them – even the running ones! The thought of being able to move my body, push it further, and make it stronger gets me so pumped. I am feeling so much joy from the workouts – it’s like I’m taking a drug or something. (I mean, I’ve never taken drug-drugs so I can’t actually tell ya, but I imagine it’s something that makes you escape reality.)

For me – working out is my drug. It’s happiness. It’s therapy. It’s meditation. It’s my time for self-care. I love that I can be 100% selfish because my body deserves ALL of my attention.

Why? Because I deserve me.

And when it comes to the food? The fact that I am putting so much thought and love into how I nourish my body, makes me appreciate my food infinitely more! No longer am I stuffing myself with boredom and emotions – I have consciousness. I have clarity. I have a reason why I eat and why every ingredient matters. I eat to feel good. To feel strong. I eat to fulfill my purpose.

This journey has already given me so much goodness, and we’re now a quarter of the way through. I’m actually gonna be a little sad when it’s officially over in November. Who knows where my mental and physical state will be then – but I predict a whole new level of Cassey will emerge. She’s already sprouting quick…


I started off my Sunday with an 8am workout…with Sam!

We did a circuit training class at Training Mate – an Australian style gym boutique with some of the funniest instructors ever. They always make me laugh.

Sam almost never comes with me to my early morning workouts but since our friend was supposed to join, Sam felt he was required to go. Well – funny thing is – at 6:30am, my friend texted me and said he didn’t sign up for class early enough and all the spots were sold out! So he couldn’t go, but Sam still had to. Hahahaha.

Fit journal entry! I started off the day with my drink from last night that I didn’t finish. I couldn’t stand the green tea with water alone (so bitter, eew), so I added almond milk and monk fruit sweetener and it was the perfect morning wake-me-up beverage!

I had it with some chili roasted pistachios. I am addicted. These things are so legit. I wonder when I will get sick of them. WILL I get sick of them???

For lunch, I made more zoodles!!! OMG I can’t get enough of zoodles right now. Obsessed.

I used to use a huge fancy professional spiralizer, but honestly – it made making zoodles too big of a deal. Then I found this device which is basically like a pencil sharpener for zucchini – and it is LIFE.

Make sure that when you use the pencil sharpener zoodler, that you use the side that says “THICK”. The thin zoodles are too thin and will basically turn into water when you sauteé them in the pan!


This is a masterpiece and would probably cost $28 at a restaurant in LA.

It’s sauteed alfredo zoodles with chicken sausage and cherry tomatoes. ‘Twas perfection. Even Sam liked it.

Dinner was rotisserie chicken with butter lettuce smothered in Jalapeño creamy sauce. I had this with a side of mushrooms and sriracha. Man, I love mushrooms so much. They taste like they could pass for meat or tofu. So transformative. Mushrooms are awesome.

Hope you guys choose to give yourself the attention you deserve. Go be selfish!!! Love you guys so much!

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