How do you change your body’s set point? | Day 28 of 90

September 13, 2019 | More from asana

How do you change your body’s set point? | Day 28 of 90

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Before we get started on today’s topic of set points, Sir George would like to say hi.

Now, for the past few days my weight has not gone up or down. It is sitting steadily at 128.8 lbs. However, I’m not disappointed about this mini plateau – I’m actually THRILLED.

Why? Because I think my body is beginning to settle into it’s new set point!

What’s a set point? Pretty much your body’s set point is how much you would weigh if you didn’t care about how you looked in a swimsuit and you just walked around eating when you were hungry and stopping when you were full. You wouldn’t need to work out but you would need to be eating mostly real food. In theory, there would be a comfortable weight your body would land. (Keep in mind that not everyone will have the same set point because of things like genetics, physiology, and environment.)

So, can one’s set point be shifted? If someone’s set point can be shifted up, it is reasonable to believe that it can be shifted down too. The thing is – shifting down is a lot harder than shifting up for obvious reasons! But, nevertheless, it’s possible.

From what I am researching, to truly reset your set point, it’s important to not do it too quickly. Because if all of a sudden you began drastically decreasing your caloric intake, your body would interpret it as a traumatic event and will do everything it can to hold onto your energy stores (aka fat) as a survival tactic. Even if you’re not actually starving yourself, bodies naturally don’t like losing weight so it’ll fight back to hold onto everything.

According to The Nutrition Diva, slow and gradual weight loss is how you can avoid the metabolic backlash that rapid weight loss can trigger. (Yup, I’ve had that happen!) She suggests losing no more than 10% of your total weight at a time. My first recording in my Fit Journal was at 136 lbs 4 weeks ago, so this means losing 14 lbs should be pretty safe, which is around what my goal is. I am supposed to spend 2-3 months at the new lower weight in order for my new set point to solidify BEFORE losing more weight. This way I’m more likely to maintain my goal weight once I get there.

Good to know! So far, everything is going well, I am not hungry and I am not craving! This is important to note because whenever I was on a diet-diet, I’d get hangry and I’d snap at Sam. Poor Sam. Anyway, I’m feeling like the habits I am creating now are very sustainable so that’s super motivating.

Let’s talk food!


Yesterday I took a Ballet Sculpt class with a Blogifam member, Laurel! We thought it was going to be a ballet dance cardio class but it wasn’t! Oh well. I need to read the class descriptions on ClassPass more carefully! Either way, it was still fun to take do a lunch time workout!

After class, we headed back to the office and I made this incredible Caesar salad! I added avocado on top of the cherry tomatoes, bacon, chicken, cheese, and butter lettuce. SO SO good.

Post lunch snack – more chili roasted pistachios! I ended up having more than this. It’s hard to stop with nuts!

Water hack. To stay hydrated, I make my water taste interesting. I love lemon water but I don’t like cutting lemons and squeezing them into my bottles every morning because I don’t have time. These dehydrated lemon packets by TRUE Lemon are incredible! Try it!!

For dinner, I made a weird combo of stuff but IT WAS REALLY GOOD! That’s cauliflower rice, bacon, butter lettuce, and avocado with a whole ton of sriracha on top!

As a side snack, I dipped sweet baby bell peppers into baba ganoush! I bought some from Whole Foods. Much easier than making my own. By the way, I ended up throwing away ALL that baba ganoush because it tasted weird. SO SAD!!!!

Here’s the brand I bought. The ingredients looked whole, so I prayed it would taste good. Luckily it did! The only reason I say this is because I went to go buy some fresh baba ganoush at Persian grocery store and they didn’t have any nutrition labels. Anyway, I had thought all baba ganoushes were made the same until I tried it! It was tooooo good. I figured it might have had a lot of sugar in it. So now it’s just sitting at the back of our fridge!

For dessert, I had keto ice cream. Yes, I bought another one. It was too good NOT to have!

Ate it right out of the little tub. YUM!

Ok see you tomorrow for the week 4 weigh in!


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