Healing Back Pain

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I've put off writing this Article for many years because I know It Is Going to be Contentious.  

However, now we 're a few days from Christmas, and I know this post is going to be a wonderful gift for a number of people.

Chronic or intermittent pain, frequently found in the trunk, neck, and/or buttocks, and is a major catalyst of personal suffering and decreased productivity in the Usa and other affluent nations.   While pain can obviously possess a variety of structural causes, like sprained ankles or swelling, garden-variety back pain usually doesn't.  I've come to think that such pain is usually psychosomatic in nature– in other words, caused by the mind but leading in physical symptoms and signs within the human body.   It's broadly accepted that someone 's mental state can affect pain perception, but this notion goes farther.   Anxiety isn't only exacerbated by a person's psychological state; it's frequently entirely due to it.

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